Since all accommodations in Slovenia have been closed by decree, we as organizers of the event felt obliged to organize an accommodation, especially for competitors coming from abroad.

We organized the family run Hotel Bistra*** and Hotel Kras**** for the competitors, their assistants and organizers of Rak TrailO event.

Booking by e-mail:


According to the measures, individual guests can not make a booking in the hotel. Only the organizer of the international event can do it for all. Therefore, all bookings and reservations must be made by email to by April 4, 2021.

All reservations are published in the booking list that is accessible through this website.

People who use wheelchairs and those who entered the competition earlier will have priority in the selection of the rooms.

OK Trzin will charge the cost of accommodation and meals.

Don-t pay in advance. You will pay according to the invoice when you recieve it.

As in Slovenia is a restriction on gathering more than 10 people, gathering up to 50 people is allowed, but we, as organizers of the gathering have to keep a list with everyone-s names, addresses, and phone numbers. Therefore, please provide this information when booking, as well as information to whom the invoice for all costs should be addressed.


The hotels will not be closed like a bubble. Entry and exit will be free.

In the hotels must be followed special rules:

  • It is mandatory to wear a mask indoors.
  • Wash your hands regularly and use disinfectants.
  • Respect a distance of at least 1.5 m from each other.
  • Group activities are not recommend, especially indoors.
  • Follow the rules of cough hygiene.


Hotel Bistra is a family-run hotel and restaurant in settlement Bistra near Vrhnika, 29 km from Rakov Škocjan and 24 km from Ljubljana center.

The hotel will be open to at least 10 guests.

The reception will not work on Friday, therefore contact me where to get a key.

Dinner on Friday will be at 8 p.m., and other days at 7 p.m.

The hotel offers:

  • 13 double rooms (26 guests) - 4 rooms are deluxe
  • 4 triple rooms (12 guests) - 1 room is deluxe
  • 1 dormitory room with 6 bunk beds (6 guests)
  • 1 dormitory room with 10 bunk beds (10 guests)



Wheelchair access is available to all rooms, but not to the toilets. The doors to the rooms are 80 cm wide and the doors to the toilets are only 70 cm wide.

Therefore, it is recommended that wheelchairs users book the room at the Hotel Kras.



Prices per person per night:

  • 29 € - B&B double room or triple room incl. touristic tax
  • 49 € - B&B double room used as a single incl. touristic tax
  • 40 € - Half board (dinner) double room or triple room incl. touristic tax
  • 60 € - Half board (dinner) double room used as a single incl. touristic tax
  • Deluxe rooms (normaly, 37 € - B&B double or triple room incl. touristic tax) are for the same price as double rooms.
  • 19 € - B&B bunk bed in dormitory incl. touristic tax
  • 30 € - Half board (dinner) bunk bed in dormitory incl. touristic tax
  • We will try to arrange a lunch boxes on demand
  • Free parking next to the hotel


The settlement of Bistra is named after Bistra (Clear), the strongest tributary of the river Ljubljanica.

Near the hotel is Bistra Castle, a complex of the former Cistercian monastery, which now houses the Technical Museum of Slovenia. The Museum may be closed for the public according to the current measures.

According to legend, the town of Vrhnika was founded by the Argonauts, who sailed on the Danube, Sava and Ljubljanica rivers from the Black Sea under the leadership of Jason. When they reached the source of the Ljubljanica at this place, they had to dismantle the ship and transfer it overland to the shores of the Adriatic Sea. Their ship is depicted in the municipal coat of arms. At the main spring of Ljubljanica in Močilnik, a huge handprint of Jason-s fist can be seen in the rock.
In ancient times, when the Celtic tribe Taurisci lived in the area, Vrhnika was a market and port settlement known as Nauportus. Roman warehouses and the remains of a fortified market were found and excavated on the banks of the Ljubljanica, in the area of the church of Sv. Pavel (St. Paul) and the streets of Gradišče are still visible remains of a Roman fort. Remains of walls and watchtowers from the Claustra Alpium Iuliarum complex lie on the slopes above Vrhnika. In the middle of the 5th century, when the Roman Empire was already collapsing, the city was destroyed by the Huns.
In the Middle Ages, the city between Ljubljana and Trieste was inhabited by craftsmen. Among them were mainly tanners and shoemakers, which died out in the town only recently with the closure of a leather factory.

There are quite a few attractions in Vrhnika and its surroundings.

A few kilometers along the road leading through Borovnica (Blueberry), you can reach the Pekel (Hell) Gorge. Follow the signposts Soteska Pekel. Along the path, where it is necessary to use some steep stairs, is possible to see 5 waterfalls.




Hotel Kras is a modern hotel in the centre of town Postojna, 10 km from Rakov Škocjan.

The hotel will be open on Saturday from 4 p.m.

Dinner will be at 7 p.m., and breakfast at 7.30 to 9 a.m.

The hotel offers:

  • 24 double rooms (48 guests)
  • 3 suits with terrace
  • garage for extra charge



Wheelchair access is available in all rooms. All the doors are 85 cm wide and appropriate to the wheelchairs.



Prices per person per night:

  • 40 € - B&B double room incl. touristic tax
  • 62 € - B&B double room used as a single incl. touristic tax
  • 52 € - Half board (dinner) double room incl. touristic tax
  • 74 € - Half board (dinner) double room used as a single incl. touristic tax
  • 6 € - Garage per car per day. Free public parking in the white zone is available 200 m from the hotel. In the blue zone parking is free only up to 1 hour with a ticket from the parking machine (press BREZPLAČNO).
  • Lunch is not possible in the hotel, but we will try to arrange a lunch boxes on demand from hotel Bistra


Postojna is known for Postojna Cave, one of the world-s largest cave systems, but now it is closed for visitors. It is only possible to walk in front of the entrance to the cave and along Pivka River, which has through history created these underground corridors. In the town is located Notranjska Museum Postojna, where a permanent museum exhibition on karst - the Karst Museum - is on display. The Museum may be closed for the public according to the current measures. About 10 km from Postojna there is an interesting Predjama Castle, one of the most beautiful cave castles. During this time, the castle can only be seen from the outside.