PreO 1 / March 10th

ECTO 2017 / 1 - TempO

Competition centre: Hotel Maestoso, Lipica

Course planner : Krešo Keresteš

Terrain: park area (many paths, trees, monuments, fences, etc.), touristic centre (hotel, restaurant, casino and other facilities), some Carstic features like depressions and stones. Visibility is very good. 

Map: 1:4.000, contour interval: 2 metres, ISSOM, March 2017

Special symbols: black cross - big billboards and children playground, blue cross - water feature (not relevant for the competition), blue circle - well (not relevant for the competition). All trees are drawn with canopy (white area). Large trees are drawn with green circles and canopy and smaller trees without green circles. Young trees are marked with green dots, but only if they are not under canopy of bigger tree.

Course: 6 stations with 5 controls. 150 seconds is max. time on each station.

Precisely follow the route (1400 m / 20 m) marked on the special map which you will get at the start. Stop before the signs STOP and wait to be called. The route is mostly paved. On the course is a ramp which will be open only in time when wheelchair competitors will be on the course. Other competitors can avoid this obstacle without any problem.

The course is same for the Elite and A class.

Embargoed area: All area around Hotel Maestoso is embargoed area. You can follow signs on the main roads to the Hotel Maestoso and park your car in front of the Hotel, but not further than to the hotel restaurant as it will be marked on the terrain. When you finish your course, you can freely walk to the Stud Farm and around the Hotel, but not further from the Golf Club Centre. The western side from the solution map is still embargoed area for the PreO competition.

In time of our competition will be also a golf tournament on the golf course. It is expected busy crowd and full parking.

Special rules: There are mostly only one person (marshal) on the station. Because ANT application will be used for the time keeping and recording of your answers, you have to wear your number bib visible in the front of your body. Marshal will expect that you will give your answers speaking. If you want to show the answers (they are on the map), warn the marshal before he/she start with the procedure. The maps will be bounded. There will not be any seperated maps. Complaints can be done only in written form to the organizer not later than 15 minutes after the publication of the final results.

Results calculation: Prize giving ceremony will be only for the best in all three competitions. The results at TempO, Night PreO and PreO competitions will be added. Therefore results at TempO will be transformed to points and time in seconds according to the formula: points = 30 - Int (Time / 60), where function Int returns whole part of number, discarding any fractional part without rounding, seconds = Time - 60 * (30 - points), where 30 means number of all controls.