Night PreO / March 18th

Night TempO

Competition centre: House of the Speleological Society Sežana near Vilenica Cave

Course planner : Krešo Keresteš

Terrain: This area is flat Carstic terrain and is known as the first mapped area around Lipica. The eastern part is closer to the village Lokev and is partly cultivated. The western part is very difficult and technical footO terrain with many features (mostly stones and depressions, vegetation features, stony walls etc.).

Map: 1:4.000 (original 1:10.000), contour interval: 5 metres, ISOM, 2015 ??? Map is made for the footO and is very generalized. Symbols are 50% bigger then in scale 1:10.000.

Special symbol: black screen - stony area.

Course: 16 controls and 3 time control at one station before start. 1560 m / 10 m. Time limit: 95 min. (Open), 140 min. (Paralympic). The course is the same for Elite and A classes. So, the Z answers are possible.

Way to the start: From Vilennica Cave to the pre-start is 1.3 km, but 780 m along the main road in direction to the village Lokev (to the south). Walking along that road can be dangerous specially in the night. Therefore, we suggest that you drive to the firefighters centre, the first building on the right side of the road behind the Lokev sign. Please park there (behind the building) not to block the exit. From the firefighters centre is still 240 m along the main road in direction back to Vilenica Cave (to the north) and 260 m to the pre-start. The path leading to the start will be marked with orienteering flag at the main road.

Special rules: It is allowed to move only along the main path. You can use your own puncher. Time on the course will be measured with SI system. Decision points for A controls will be marked on the terrain. Solutions will be distributed after the last start.

Results: The competition centre and area is not covered with Wi-Fi. Therefore, results will be imported after finished competition.